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The Malena Family website offers an indepth look the lives of the Malena clan, including pictures, information, journals and much more. Clicking any of the front page photos will take you to the "Visual History" of the family.


The internet and the BBS community before it have been an important part of our lives -- mine especially since my early childhood when my parents bought my first computer (a TRS-80 Model I 4k computer back in the late 1970s) and I "logged in" for the first time (at a whopping 300 baud). Since then, of course, we have all progressed. Our house is home to multiple servers, client workstations and laptops.

I am a native of the Los Angeles, California area (specifically Duarte and Monrovia). I moved to Florida with my family in 1991 and have been here ever since, making a home for the kids and I in the Volusia County area. The nearby city of Daytona Beach is known for it's tourism and various motorsport events (including the Daytona 500, Biketoberfest and more).


I am father to the Mighty Four:   Daniella Lorraine, Amanda Cathryn, Anthony Martin, and Christopher Michael Malena.   I currently reside in Port Orange where I also maintain the website for several other endeavors (see "Our Domains" on our Links page). The pictures (which includes older originals scanned for posterity, plus newer digital shots taken by various people) and journals (which are updated by each individual at their leisure) are kept up-to-date quite frequently, if you're looking for the most recent information.


This website has been online since 1996. There are multiple incarnations of this website's home page, showing it's evolution over time. Browse them at the following links to see how it has progressed (some functionality will no longer work)...   2006   2003   2000   1996

Other links on our site, which evolve over time, offer a variety of insights into the world of The Malena Family, including hobbies, random facts and various happenings (past, present and future). My family and I hope that you find this site interesting and will mention it to your family and friends. It gives me and my family a place where others can see what is going on in our lives and allows them to have an easy way to get in contact with us.


Grandchildren are now featured! You can see them here on the front page, and on the History page!



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